What are the Steps to Create Blog in MS Office 365?

Technology is improvising day to day. Well, Why not? We all want improvisation in our lives and we will be upgraded by upgrading the existing software. You must have known or heard about the upgraded feature of Personal Blog in MS Office 365, Right? And that’s the reason you are here.

MS Office 365 now gives you the leverage to create your personal blog and write if you have a passion for writing; it can contain information which is informative as well as the entertainment content. Personal blogs use the new office 365 canvas making it easier for you to create and publish the content within your organization. You can also Connect Office 365 Customer Support UK for personalize assistance we are here to attend all your queries that come your way.

Steps to Create Blog in MS Office 365: 

  • Click the profile picture in the office 365 header
  • Select about me option
  • In Delve, Select Me option from the menu on left corner
  • Select the Profile Link
  • Scroll the Blog section in the profile
  • And, click start writing. 

Steps to create the blog posts: 

  • You can create a new blog post by taping either start writing in the blog section of the profile page.
  • If you have already posted some blogs then click All posts option and then click New post tab.
  • On the blog post page tap on add image to add a header graphic to the blog post.
  • To add text to your blog post tap on subtitle to if you want to add one in the blog.
  • Now, when you want to add text to the in the blog post click start writing your story and enter the text for the blog post.
  • You can add image, text area, video or other asset to the blog post by tapping “+” sign appearing on the screen.
  • If you want to attach any document to the post you can click on “Add office Document” and select the document from the list to add in the blog post.
  • If you want to delete the post take the curser to the trash icon and delete it from there.
  • When the blog post is ready to get published click on the right corner of the page. 

This is how you will be able to create your own personal blog in MS Office 365 which only used in the office and only the office employees can see the blogs not others. Please feel free to contact at office 365 Customer Service Number and ask your queries to be solved. We give support to our users anytime they are comfortable with.

What Are the Steps to Configure Office 365 in Windows?

Are you figuring out how to configure office 365 in windows? Don’t worry we have easy and simple steps for you to fix your problem. These are small issues that occur sometimes and create problems. But we all know that every problem has a solution.

And here we are, with some steps that will help you to solve the configuration office 365 in windows. Just in case you occur with any obstacles feel free to contact Office 365 Support UK team is always available to ease and solve your doubts.

Before starting the process here is something that you need to know is that the process will depend on the E1 or E3 license whichever the user is active with.

  • E1 license user’s i.e Business essentials, Email only license holders follow E1 process.
  • E3 license user’s i.e Business Premium license holders follow only E2 process.

Steps to Configure Office 365 in Windows:

  • Set up desktop for office 365
  • Sign In to office 365 portal
  • Now check and remove the software that are not compatible because these will interfere with office 365 setup
  • Uninstall the old office versions and install new versions
  • For E3 license you have to install Office 2016 Pro Plus:
  • Sign In to Office 365 portal
  • Click Gear option and select office 365 settings
  • Now click Install
  • After clicking Run, you will be able to run the application
  • Make sure that you have completely uninstalled the older version
  • For E1 License you have to install Desktop update and skype for business:
  • Install skype for business, office 2016 does not have skype in it but you can still install skype in it.
  • Click skype with the business icon
  • Now, if you have office 2010 SP2 connect to office 365 or you can also skip this step for Desktop Setup
  • For prompt and processing actions:
  • Sign In to Microsoft Online Service
  • Office 365 will check the system configuration and when the check completes without detecting any problems. It will display a option configure your desktop application and update office 365 setup
  • Now click continue and accept the I agree begin and install configure desktop application

These steps will help you configure office 365 in Windows. Still having problems Dial Office 365 Support Number 0808-169-8369. We are always here to assist our users via call support and remote access solutions.