Configure BitDefender Antivirus

Configure Bitdefender Antivirus With BitDefender Support Team

Antivirus often scans, detects and eliminates all sorts of viruses while providing complete protection. But the best antivirus does more than that; it prevents at first your data and entire system from getting damaged. And among the long list of names, Bit Defender is one of the best anti-viruses that completely protect your system. It has its own excellent BitDefender Customer Service support specially for UK regions just for helping users in how to configure BitDefender Antivirus on PC, Desktop, Mobiles etc.

BitDefender Antivirus Customer Care Helpline Excellent Features –

Bit Defender Antivirus Free Edition fast, free to use, and it is also loaded with the bare-bones protection features that every computer requires.

  • It takes seconds to install and configure BitDefender Antivirus software
  • It runs at a maximum speed without slowing down your PC
  • It is good for gaming, image and video editing, and resource-intensive applications
  • It is a powerful protection packed software

How To Configure A Custom Scan With BitDefender?

In order to configure BitDefender antivirus, a custom scan in detail and then run it:

  • First click the icon on the left side bar of the Bit Defender interface
  • Now click the view features link
  • Go to the antivirus pane
  • Click on manage scan option
  • Now click the new custom task button
  • Go to the basic tab
  • Now enter a name for the scan
  • If you want to set a schedule for your scan task
  • Use the schedule switch
  • Now select corresponding options to set a schedule

6. If you want to set a schedule for your scan task, use the Schedule switch.

Select one of the corresponding options to set a schedule:

  • Go to system startup
  • Now in the Scan targets section
  • Select the folders you want to scan
  • If you want to configure the scanning options in detail
  • Go to the advanced tab
  • Now in the new window, you can:
  • Configure the scanning options by adjusting the scan level
  • After that drag the slider along with the scale to set desired scan level
  • Now use description on the right side of the scale to identify scan level
  • After that click on custom option
  • Now choose one of the following scan operations
  • After that run the task with low priority
  • Now decrease the priority of the scan process
  • After that minimize scan wizard to system tray
  • Now double click the BitDefender icon for opening it
  • You can then specify the action that needs to be taken when no threat is found
  • Now click on OK to save changes
  • Click on start scan
  • Follow the antivirus scan wizard for completing the scan
  • Now depending upon the locations to be scanned
  • You will be prompted to choose the actions to be taken on the detected files
  • You can now rerun a previous custom scan by clicking the corresponding entry in the available list

This is the best way, you can configure BitDefender Antivirus custom scan BitDefender antivirus with easy steps. If you have any query or any problem in following above mentioned steps, you can dial BitDefender Antivirus support Number.

Steps to Configure Parental Control With BitDefender Customer Care

Well, BitDefender parental control enables you to control the access to the internet and to specific applications for each and every user that holds user account on the system. So once you have configured BitDefender parental control you can then easily find out what your child is accessing on their systems. So you can take few steps for configuring parental control easily:

  • At First, create a limited (standard) Windows user account for Jack
  • Now log in with an administrator account

Turn ON Parental Control by following these steps:

  • After that open the BitDefender 2015 Window
  • Later access the privacy panel
  • Now under the parental control module
  • Select configure option
  • Now make sure that you are logged into your my BitDefender account
  • Now the parental control dashboard opens in a new web browser window
  • You can also check and configure the BitDefender parental control settings
  • Go to the parental control window
  • Click on Add child on the left side menu
  • Now enter the name and age of the child in the profile tab
  • Now go to settings according to the age
  • Now below you will see devices that are linked to your Bit Defender account
  • Now select the computer and the windows account for your child
  • Click on create profile option

If found anything suspicious or not relevant you can block his access to Web content related to Online Games and Computer Games. For this you need to take these steps below:

  • First go to web tab
  • Now click on the web panel to access the web activity window
  • Now click on the categories button
  • You can check what web categories are automatically blocked/restricted for particular age group
  • Check online games and computer games
  • Click on save option
  • After that click on reset button to use default level of protection based on age
  • Now select from the grid the time intervals during which Internet access is blocked.
  • Click on Save option
  • Now click block to add the word

With the significant and easy steps available users can follow steps to configure parental control in BitDefender Antivirus with the help of BitDefender Customer Support Helpline easily. If you have any query, or require any sort of technical support in BitDefender antivirus, then you can connect with our 24×7 BitDefender Internet Security Customer Care Help And Support.