Mozila Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service : Setup and Installation Help

Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers that help with the amazing services. It is a free open source web browser that is developed by Mozilla foundation. It is also available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and BSD operating systems. Besides, this Mozilla Firefox is one such browser that can be downloaded and accessed in speed. It is compatible in any kind of device.

Install Mozilla Firefox Browser By Mozilla Firefox Customer Service –

  • Visit Firefox download page in any browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Now use this download link for the latest English Firefox version
  • Now download Firefox
  • Now click the download Firefox button
  • The Firefox download page automatically offers you the best available version of Firefox for your computer
  • For example, if you have a 64-bit version of Windows, you are offered the 64-bit version of Firefox also
  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Now run the installer or save the file to your computer
  • Click Run to start the process

After the installation process, users do look for several other services too in which they need immediate help from professionals.

Configure Windows Firewall To Allow Mozilla Firefox Access to the Internet?

Well, windows provide a built-in firewall that controls how programs access the internet.

  • If windows firewall does not permit Firefox to make connections, which controls how programs access the Internet.
  • Firefox generates a “Server not found” error when you try to browse to websites
  • Go to Windows 7
  • Now check for windows 7 firewall
  • If you want to see you are running windows firewall
  • You can then click the Windows icon
  • After that select Control Panel
  • The Control Panel window will appear
  • Now click on system and security
  • After this the system security panel will appear
  • Now click on windows firewall
  • Click the Change Settings button
  • Click to select it
  • If not, skip the next step
  • Click remove button
  • Click on confirm that you want to remove the entry
  • Now click on allow another program button
  • Then add a program window that will appear
  • Go to add a program window
  • Now click the browse button
  • After that click on the add button
  • Now click on OK button to close the allowed programs panel in windows

These steps will help you in configuring Mozilla Firefox in windows easily. Besides, if you want to change settings of Mozilla Firefox browser for much easier access, then you are at the right destination.

Change Your Default Search Settings in Firefox?

  • In order to change your default search engine
  • Turn the Search bar on or off Now choose whether or not to display search suggestions
  • Now Default search engine
  • After that click the menu button
  • Choose option
  • Now select search in the left pane
  • After that choose a search engine from the drop down menu under default search engine
  • If you type into the search bar or the address bar
  • Your default search engine shows you suggestions based on popular searches or on your previous searches

You can see search suggestions in Firefox for details:

First see search suggestions in Firefox for detailed information:

  • First turn search suggestions on or off
  • Now add or remove the check mark next to Provide search suggestions
  • After that show search suggestions in address bar results
  • When it is turned on
  • Select settings option that includes search suggestions in the results that are listed when you search from the Firefox address bar
  • Now one click on search engines
  • When you start typing in the search bar or address bar, you will see icons for other search engines you can search
  • Now click on search
  • After that you can choose an alternate search engine and then use it for your search with one click
  • In order to remove alternate search engines you don’t want to be displayed in the search bar
  • Now you can remove the check mark next to the search engine that is listed in the panel
  • Now remove search engines
  • Now click on the search engine that you don’t want to highlight it
  • Now click on the search engine that you don’t want to highlight it
  • Now click to remove button to take it off your list
  • If you remove any of the search engines that come with Firefox by default
  • Now click Restore Default Search Engines to bring them back
  • Now add more search engines
  • Click on add more search engines option
  • You can then hover over the add-ons that you want to add
  • Click on add to Firefox
  • Now see add or remove search engine in Firefox to learn more about adding search engines
  • It’s done.

If you have any query or problem you can connect with our technical support team. We provide immediate help and support to users for receiving easy services and solution.